My Friend from the Eastside Car

My Friend from the Eastside

Veteran music journalist Martin Douglas explores a cherished longtime friendship through the lenses of rap music and their hometown.

14 mins read


A Wellness Primer for Musicians

There are specific things musicians can do to foster wellness and stay creative, despite the challenges we all face right now.

4 mins read
Charli XCX, Photo by Tuomas Vitikainen

Live Music in the Coronavirus Era

With the world hit by a pandemic, live events were postponed or canceled. In the Coronavirus Era, virtual concerts have taken their place.

12 mins read


Sound Behind the Song: “Chime” by Orbital

7 mins read

Orbital share memories of “Chime," the track that turned them into electronic icons, helping bring acid house from raves to Top of the Pops.

Swag Records, birthplace of tech house

The Tech House Story

18 mins read

It’s been a long journey for the tech house genre. We trace its history and development from the earliest days to the present.

Photo by swimfinfan

Dave Ogilvie on Skinny Puppy and the TR-909

10 mins read

Dave "Rave" Ogilvie shares his memories of recording Skinny Puppy's landmark Remission, one of the earliest recorded uses of the TR-909.


Arielle Silver is an LA-based singer-songwriter, literary writer, and yoga teacher. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best New Poets. Her latest album, A Thousand Tiny Torches, is out now.

Charles “BLVK Samurai” Burchell is a music producer, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and educator from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jake Uitti’s work has appeared in Interview Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Washington Post, American Songwriter Magazine, The Seattle Times and many other publications. The son of Ivy League professors, Jake grew up amidst tomes of French literature, but soulful meals, compelling conversation and thoughtful music are his true loves.

Mike is a musician, composer, and writer from Seattle. He is guitarist/vocalist in Reader and creates solo experimental music as Noonmoon.