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Zenbeats How-To: LoopBuilder and Advanced Recording Modes

Whatever your experience level or creative role, Roland Zenbeats is here to help you create music as boundless as your imagination. Header Photo by Travis Gallagher

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Whatever your experience level or creative role, Roland Zenbeats is here to help you create music as boundless as your imagination. By now, you’ve acquainted yourself with the basics of Zenbeats. These How-To videos are designed to help you master a number of advanced skills in the platform. Let’s do it, shall we?

For a starter course, I’ll show you how to create and share a song idea from scratch using just an iPad. This introductory video will walk you through setting the BPM, playing the drum machine, adding loops on top, and recording an expressive performance with SampleVerse.

LoopBuilder Sequencing

In How-To: LoopBuilder Sequencing, you’ll take a trip through the three main elements of sequencing and loopbuilding in Zenbeats: Tracks, Patterns, and Song Parts. From there, we’ll covers layering patterns, loop count, drag and drop functions, and more. Check it out and commence sequencing.

Advanced Recording Modes

Now that you’ve got your head around our LoopBuilder, you’re set to take advantage of all the opportunities it affords. How-To: Advanced Recording Modes focuses on functions unique to Zenbeats Loopbuilder. The video breaks down how to use “Record Performance” to create a live stereo mix—perfect for a DJ-style set. You’ll also learn about “Record to Timeline” and transferring loops to a linear view.

MIDI Effects Track Routing

While Zenbeats is easy to jump into, there are deeper functions lie just below the surface. In How-to: MIDI Effects Track Routing, watch as our product specialist shows you how to enhance your sound by adding effects to your MIDI instruments.

Use MIDI effects via the track mixer and effects browser and attach effects via your instrument, or print the MIDI effects themselves, with easy-to-use routing functionality.

Using Send Tracks

Watch as we apply Zenbeats MultiVerb to several instruments to simplify your workflow and add cohesion to your effects. Create a Send, choose an effect, and easily route as many tracks as you would like through the Send Track. Try soloing your Send Track for more precise control of your effect.

Creating music is the ultimate freedom. When there’s an idea, you need to get it from your head into the world to share it with friends and collaborators. We hope these How-To videos get you closer to capturing the sounds you hear in your imagination. As with all applications and instruments, the best way to master new skills is to play around and experiment. With your expanding toolkit of Zenbeats abilities, you’ll surely be able to take your music to new places.

Matthew Presley

Matthew Presley is a Product Manager for Zenbeats and Roland Cloud. He lives in Austin, Texas where he plays with his band Bali Yaaah.